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Run, Hide, Defend

Gilroy Unified School District, is dedicated to providing students with a safe and supportive place to learn and grow. We have made school safety a top priority for a number of years and have been working closely with our local subject matter experts: Gilroy Police and Fire Departments. As a result of this great partnership and thanks to Measure P funds, many proactive steps have been taken to keep our students and staff safe. These include installation of fences around every school, creating a single point of entry during school hours, installing state of the art locks, updating the procedures for entry into our buildings, regularly performing safety drills, training staff in the Run Hide Defend protocol, and annually updating school safety plans. We have met and conferred with police and fire since the Florida school shooting and are taking additional steps to enhance our preparedness. It is abundantly clear from the amount of media coverage, social commentary, legislative efforts, civic demonstrations, and other outpourings of support that many Americans are determined to take steps to reduce school shootings.

Our priority is to keep students focused on learning and to maintain a safe environment. The school district performs monthly mandatory safety drills that not only teach our students what to do in an emergency at school, but also gives them life skills that can be used outside of our classrooms. Please talk to your children about what they are practicing and create an emergency preparedness plan for your family. You may wish to access resources available on the FEMA website. Also, you may wish to read this article about how to talk to your child about school violence. 

The Gilroy Unified School District has its own Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and regularly tests its capabilities and function. The District has tools to keep parents informed during an emergency. In order for us to communicate with you during an emergency, it is very important that your contact information be accurate and up-to-date. If you have not received phone messages and/or emails from your school this year, please update your information in Aeries. We encourage you to sign up for AlertSCC which is the emergency communications system used by our county.

Finally, we encourage our entire community to "See Something, Say Something" by reporting anything suspicious or out of the ordinary to the school principal or to the Gilroy Police Department e.g. a change in behavior, references to guns or weapons, unsettling posts on social media, or signs of anxiety or depression. Information puts us in a position of strength and helps us to address any potential danger in a proactive manner that is best for our entire school community.


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