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Melanie Corona

Due to anticipated severe weather conditions, all Gilroy Unified School District after school and evening events have been cancelled. All middle school athletic events and practices have been cancelled and high school athletes will be informed of the status of after school practices and competitions from their individual coaches. Please contact your student's school site for rescheduled dates and times of all events.

Power School will remain open, however we request that parents pick students up as soon as they are able. Due to the severity of the storm, no students will be allowed to walk home. All students must be picked up by an authorized adult at your earliest convenience.  

If students are picked up right after school, please make sure to check in with Power School staff so that we are able to track the safety of each student.  

GUSD Communications

This message is to keep you informed on the current status of school closures in Santa Clara County and Gilroy Unified School District. We continue to monitor the air quality which is projected to be very unhealthy again today.

Currently, the Public Health Department maintains that the current numbers do not warrant school closures. Like yesterday, students will be kept inside today throughout all breaks, lunches, PE classes, recesses and after school programs. Student-athletes should check with their coaches regarding practices, logistics and competitions.

Note: Because Gavilan College is closed today, classes at GECA have been cancelled.

Please be aware that while our doors will remain open, we ask that families and schools follow medical and environmental advice, especially if your child suffers from respiratory or heart-related issues, or if there is a concern or hardship in bringing your child to school. We share your desire to keep our children safe. Individual families should act in the best interest of their child.

To recap, the Public Health Department, the Santa Clara County Office of Education, and the Gilroy Unified School District have been in close communication and have made the determination for schools to remain open.

If choosing to keep children at home, we ask parents to follow the school's absence reporting process.

Check Air Quality 

GUSD Communications

Gilroy Unified School District is taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of our students and staff members due to the poor air quality in Gilroy.  The air quality in Gilroy has moved into the unhealthy range.  All students will be kept indoors throughout the school day today, including breaks, recesses, lunches, physical education classes, and after school programs.  Athletic practices will also be moved indoors.  Student-athletes should contact their individual coaches for scheduling and logistical information.  We anticipate the same schedule for all Gilroy Unified School District sites tomorrow, and will update you on the status of the air quality tomorrow (Friday, November 16) at 9:00 am PST. 

GUSD Communications

Notice is hereby given that the Gilroy Unified School District intends to submit an application to the California Department of Education for a 21st Century Community Learning Centers program grant.

If granted, funds will be used to maintain and expand Power School before- and after-school and summer camp programs to include more than 1,000 students across eight school sites, and provide equitable access support. Public input about the proposed 21st Century Community Learning Center program must be submitted to Kathleen Biermann, Director of Curriculum and Instruction – Elementary, at or (408) 848-7170 by 3 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9, 2018.

GUSD Communications

On Sunday, September 9, 2018, at approximately 1:00 pm, Gilroy Police Department responded to a report that a driver had accessed a service road behind the Gilroy High School Football Stadium and was acting erratically. 

Gilroy Police Department dispatched a number of service units to the scene to contact the suspect.  During that time, an officer discharged his service weapon at the suspect’s car.  The suspect then surrendered to authorities and was taken into custody without further incident. 

Gilroy Unified School District leases the Gilroy High School football field to the Gilroy Browns Pop Warner Football organization and while this situation was unfolding, a Jr. Pee Wee Pop Warner game was in process on the field.  Announcers for the football game advised players, coaches and spectators to “shelter in place” after shots were fired to ensure the safety of all in attendance.  The attendees complied with the orders and no one was injured.  During this time, a baseball game was also in progress as was a senior activity in the student parking lot on campus.  No one participating in either of these activities were harmed.

Gilroy Unified School District wishes to commend the officers on duty for the Gilroy Police Department for their swift response to ensure the safety of all in attendance on campus at Gilroy High School.  We would like to thank those parents and coaches in attendance at the football game who did everything possible to keep the players and other attendees safe.  “We are relieved that this situation was resolved quickly and without incident.  Many thanks to Gilroy Police Department and to the parents in attendance at the football game for keeping the attendees safe,” remarked GUSD Superintendent Dr. Deborah A. Flores.

The suspect has no affiliation with any of the activities that were taking place on campus at Gilroy High School.  More information will be released by Gilroy Police Department as it becomes available.