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District Announcement
GUSD Communications

As we approach the beginning of the school year on Wednesday, August 14, please be aware that traffic will likely be severely impacted due to the Miller Avenue closures. Miller Avenue, at Uvas and Luchessa, and Christmas Hill Park will be closed until further notice. Please note: there is no public access to Christmas Hill Park at this time.

The Gilroy Unified School District and City of Gilroy- Public Information Office expect this closure to impact traffic flow at most school sites and along the Santa Teresa corridor.

Parents dropping off and picking up children at Ascencion Solorsano Middle School should use Club Drive. Families with students at most other school sites can expect to have their commute times impacted due to the Miller Avenue closure and Christmas Hill Park closure. Please plan accordingly and leave plenty of time to travel.

As a reminder, student and staff safety is always our highest priority and we remain committed to providing a safe learning environment for our children beginning on August 14. 

GUSD Communications

As of August 2019, for student safety reasons and to control disruptions of school operations and the learning environment, the Gilroy Unified School District will no longer allow outside food delivery, including professional delivery and food brought from home, to students during school hours.  

The increasing number of attempted deliveries is disruptive to both the school operations and the learning environment.  The State legislature has directed school districts through Education Code Section 32212 to control interruptions during school hours.  District Board Policies 1250 and 6116 require school staff to ensure that disruptions to school operations and classrooms are kept to a minimum.  In keeping with these directives, the District has determined that food delivery causes a major disruption to the campus as it takes school staff away from essential duties. 

Please know that we will refuse delivery of any food items delivered to campus. Gilroy Unified School District will not be held responsible for any costs associated with the ordering of food in violation of Board policy.  This applies to any food brought from off campus including food brought from home. Accepting such deliveries not only disrupts campus operation, but also would require us to keep all items in facilities required by health code. These facilities are not available in our offices and storing food improperly poses a health risk to students.  The District asks for your cooperation in not ordering food to be delivered or bringing food to your child. 

Students are allowed to bring their lunch from home or purchase food from the cafeteria.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Food Delivery FAQ


Q. Why did the Gilroy Unified School District enact this policy?

A.  First and foremost, this is about the safety of all students. Food delivery services have increased making it more difficult for us to supervise students and our schools. We must be able to manage and control the number of people coming onto our campuses. Also, this is a risk to student health as we do not have the facilities to store food in the offices at our school sites. The enforcement of this policy also decreases the chances of cross-contamination of food which otherwise would place our students and staff with food allergies at higher risk.   


Q. Is Gilroy Unified School District the only district with this policy?

A.  Many districts across the country have limited or stopped the practice of food delivery for these same reasons. 


Q. What happens if my child forgets lunch?

A. The student may eat lunch in the cafeteria. A student is never refused a meal.  Gilroy Unified School District feeds all students the same meals, regardless of ability to pay.


Q. I heard that students that do not have money on their account are given a different lunch is that true?

A.  No. All students are provided with the same options regardless of the status of their lunch account.


Q. My child has severe food allergies. What happens if my child forgets lunch and is on a special diet? 

A.  The Food Service Department does accommodate alternative food for students with allergies when the attached Medical Statement from their Doctor is provided. 


Q. I still have questions who should I ask?

A.  We understand that individual families might need further clarification. If you have questions not addressed above please email

Love for Gilroy
GUSD Communications

Beginning Monday, August 5, 2019 through Friday, August 9, 2019, crisis counselors will be onsite providing services to staff, students and community members at both Gilroy High School and Brownell Middle School from 4pm-8pm.

Additionally, the Gilroy Unified School District will be providing crisis counselors onsite at all 15 of our school sites from August 14-16 for students as they return for the 2019-2020 school year. Please continue to encourage your children to take advantage of the available services for them as we return to school.

Finally, as we enter the 2019-2020 school year, we realize that different families have spoken to their children about the tragedies in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton this last week in different ways.  Inevitably, these conversations will take place at school sites, in passing conversations, on the playground or during extra-curricular activities, and probably in classrooms.  If you have not yet addressed the mass shootings with your children, we highly encourage you to do so prior to August 14.  If you need some assistance with conversations, here is a link with some help in speaking to kids about violence, click here.  Included in this Google Drive link are folders with appropriate information for elementary school students, teen-aged students and all students and parents.

For information about steps GUSD is taking in all aspects of Emergency Preparedness, click here.

Rest assured that the entire Gilroy Unified School District team is working hard to ensure the safety and support the well-being of all of our staff and students.  In the days and weeks that come as our community continues through the healing process we will continue to provide all available resources and support to all who we serve.


Love for Gilroy
GUSD Communications

Since Sunday’s horrific Garlic Festival shooting, the Gilroy Unified School District has been flooded by requests from reporters for information regarding the suspected shooter.  Media reports have stated that the person who shot and killed three young people and injured many others, who are still in the hospital, was a Gilroy High School student. The District can verify that he attended Gilroy High school for one school year (2016-17) - his senior year, after transferring to GUSD from Monte Vista High School.  He did not attend any GUSD schools prior to his senior year.

While the District continues to actively cooperate with local and federal investigators, our focus continues to be on the victims of the shooting, their families, and all others, including all families and students of the Gilroy Unified School District, impacted by this tragedy.

We have been providing counseling services to our Christopher High School since Monday, July 29, and will continue through the week. The Victim Assistance Center at Rucker Elementary School is also providing a wide-range of services to victims. Our thoughts continue to be with all those as our community begins to heal.

Please email any further questions to the attention of our Public Information Officer, Melanie Corona:  At this time, representatives from the Gilroy Unified School District will not be conducting any live or phone interviews.


DA's Office, Local Agencies open Family Assistance Center at Rucker Elementary
GUSD Communications

The Santa Clara County DA's Office's Victims Services Unit, the American Red Cross and the County's Behavioral Health Services will open a Family Assistance Center, starting at 5:00 pm on Monday, July 29, at Rucker Elementary School in Gilroy  to assist those people affected by the shootings at the Gilroy Garlic Festival on July 28, 2019.

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Summer Food
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GUSD Communications

Gilroy Unified School District, in partnership with the Seamless Summer Option program, will provide free meals at three school sites and at the Gilroy Library.  El Roble Elementary, Rod Kelley Elementary, Gilroy High School and the Gilroy Library is offering free breakfast and lunch to all children in enrolled in the District and within the community. ALL children 18 years and under are eligible for free meals.  No proof of age is required to receive meals. 

Between June 13 through July 26 (except July 4 and 5, 2019), breakfast will be served to students from 8:00 am-8:30 am, and served to the community from 8:30 am-9:00 am. Lunch will be served to students from 12:00 pm-12:30 pm and served to the community from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm.  Text “FOOD” to 877-877 for more information.

For more information, please visit: text “FOOD” to 877-877.

Contact GUSD Child Nutrition Services: 669.205-4000 ext. 4044 with any questions.

El Roble Elementary: 930 Third Street, Gilroy, CA 95020

Rod Kelley Elementary: 8755 Kern Avenue, Gilroy, CA 95020

Gilroy High School: 750 W. Tenth Street, Gilroy, CA 95020

More Information about GUSD Child Nutrition

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GUSD Communications

Students in Haviland Hage’s art classes at Christopher High School and Mt. Madonna Continuation High School have recently completed portraits of children living in Afghanistan as part of The Memory Project.  The Memory Project is a charitable, non-profit organization that invites art teachers, art students, and solo artists to help cultivate global kindness by creating portraits for children around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as violence, war, extreme poverty, neglect, and loss of parents. Students create these portraits to help these children feel valued and important, to know that many people care about their well-being, and to provide a special childhood memory in the future.

Art students from CHS and MMHS were assigned photos of children from Afghanistan. Few countries on Earth have experienced as much turmoil and tragedy as Afghanistan in recent decades, and that trend is continuing with the resurgence of the Taliban. This project is seen as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for children in Afghanistan to see themselves portrayed as works of art. 45 students from Mt. Madonna and Christopher High Schools have submitted portraits to the project, as has their teacher, Haviland Hage. “I hope that our participation in The Memory Project serves two purposes: that my students understand that they can impact our world using their artistic talents, and that the children who receive the portraits we have drawn show them that people across the world care about them and their well-being.  We are all a part of something bigger than we can imagine and it is our job, as global citizens, to take care of each other.”

Participating artists worldwide created almost 30,000 portraits in the 2018-19 school year.  More than 160,000 portraits of children in 47 countries have been distributed since the beginning of The Memory Project.

Information on The Memory Project


View finished portraits


For media requests regarding the Gilroy Unified School District, school sites, staff and/ or students, please contact Melanie Corona, Public Information Officer, 669.205.4095 or