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Where do I enroll/register my child?

- Grades K-8 at neighborhood school;
- Grades 9-12 at Gilroy High School OR Christopher High School based on attendance area.

What determines what my neighborhood school is?

Neighborhood school is determined by the physical address of the family. You may go to School Finder for your child's neighborhood school.

What documents do I need to register my child?

1. Birth Verification: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, passport
2. Complete Immunization Record including TB Test (PPD) requirement

3. Proof of Residency
4. Registration Form
5. Additional Data Form

Is there a school uniform policy?

No, Gilroy Unified School District does not require that students wear uniforms to school.

Who do I contact if I have a concern about my son’s/daughter’s progress?
Start with your teacher. If you have further questions, go to the school principal.

If I have concerns with my son’s/daughter’s social/emotional well being, who can I talk with?
Teacher or principal at elementary schools; school counselor at middle schools or Mt. Madonna Continuation High School; Academic Coordinator at High School.

Where can I learn about the curriculum, instruction and standards for the school and district?
Ask the teacher or principal; go to the school or district website or contact Educational Services.

What if I have questions about the district and state tests?
Start with your child’s teacher or principal.


Must children attend kindergarten?

Each elementary or unified school district must offer kindergarten classes for all children eligible to attend; children are not required to enroll in kindergarten. Once enrolled, children in kindergarten must attend on the same basis as children ages six through eighteen.

How long is the kindergarten school day?

By state statute, the maximum school day in kindergarten is four hours (EC 46110). An exception to this statute allows schools that have adopted an early primary program (extended-day kindergarten) to exceed four hours (EC 8973).

Is there a parental permission form to continue a student in kindergarten?

A sample form, the Parental Agreement Form is available. Parents must sign this form to verify that they agree to have their child continue in kindergarten for one additional year.

Do parents have the right to hold back their child in kindergarten even if the child has met the school's criteria and does the school have to agree?

Under EC sections 48010 and 48011, a child who has been admitted to kindergarten in a private or public school in California or any other state and who has completed one year in that school shall be admitted to the first grade of an elementary school unless the parent and the school agree that the child should continue kindergarten (for not more than an additional school year).

I am the parent of a kindergartner​, and my child's teacher has suggested retention on the basis of social adaptability. I feel that my child can adapt easily to the first grade. What are my rights as a parent?

School districts may not retain a child in kindergarten without the consent of a parent or guardian. Parents are not required to sign a consent form if they do not agree that the child should repeat kindergarten.