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Distance Learning: TK to 5th Grades





DAILY class meetings

Beginning Tuesday, April 14, classes will meet Monday-Thursday each week via an online tool like Webex or Google Hangouts. Teachers will communicate the class schedule. 

If you don't have internet access at home, please email and say you do not have access. Hard copy packets will be mailed to students without internet access. 

How to participate in distance learning

Online class meetings
Teachers and students will meet online using tools like Webex and Google Hangouts

Virtual classrooms
Teachers will set up virtual hubs, like Google Classroom, to assign and collect classwork

REMEMBER: It is vital for students to access and regularly check their GUSD email  accounts. These accounts are where they will receive communications from teachers and schools. They also need them to access district-approved platforms like Google Classroom and Clever.

If you or your child don't know how to access their GUSD email, email your child's teacher(s). 

How to join online class meetings

Step 1
Watch for communication from teachers with meeting details

Step 2
At the designated time,
click on meeting link to join class

Adjustments may happen: After the first day, the meeting schedule may be adjusted.

Class meetings: These meetings are opportunities for your child to stay connected with classroom teachers and other support staff. We know that different families will have different time windows when students may be able to work on assignments, particularly using technology, so students will have the flexibility to complete assignments on his/her own schedule.

However, teachers may also be sharing opportunities for your child to join in video chats, online discussions and office hours. These opportunities might only be offered at certain times.

Written work: We will continue to provide packets of written work for those students not able to access the online curriculum.

Classwork/assignments: Learning will be posted by 8 a.m. by classroom teachers.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our new distance learning plan. This is new for all of us and we will continue to learn, grow, and refine over the coming days and weeks.

Student Work 

The total time spent on each class should follow these guidelines as closely as possible, Monday through Thursday. This includes Webex and designated chat rooms and outside work time. This would not include office hours or small group/additional support.

TK - 1st grade
1-2 hours per day

2nd - 3rd grade
2-3 hours per day

4th - 5th grade
3-4 hours per day


Daily classwork via Google Classroom: Reading, writing, mathematics and physical education

Weekly integration: Science, social studies, art, music, social emotional learning, digital citizenship

English language development for English-learner students


Office hours are by appointment. These times will be communicated by teachers directly to their classes. This will be an opportunity for teachers to follow up with families and/or students where there are concerns.


Attendance recording will occur through your child’s meetings and interactions in Google Classroom with their teachers. Teachers and GUSD will monitor attendance data to ensure that students are engaged in their learning.


Teachers will give feedback to students which is critical to their learning progress, however, formal grading will be suspended until further notice. Assignments and assessments will be used for giving feedback, adjusting instruction and identifying additional support needs.


Students are expected to maintain the standards of appropriate behavior as if school were in regular session. Any concerns with student behaviors will be handled appropriately as it would be if students were present at school.