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Know Your Rights

The Board of Education has implemented various administrative regulations and board policies to ensure that the Gilroy Unified School District meets the needs of all students.  Learn about some of those policies here.

It is the philosophy of the Gilroy Unified School District that:

  • All students can learn and succeed.
  • Every student shall have an opportunity to receive a quality education regardless of his/her social, cultural, or economic background.
  • Every student in the district has a right to be free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying, as prohibited by law or district policy.
  • The future of our nation and community depends on students possessing the skills to be lifelong learners, collaborative and creative problem solvers, and effective, contributing members of a global and technologically advanced society.
  • Highly skilled and dedicated teachers and educational support staff have the capacity to guide students toward individual achievement and growth, and have a direct and powerful influence on student learning and life experiences.
  • A safe, nurturing environment and positive school climate are necessary for learning, academic achievement, and student development.
  • Parents/guardians have a right and an obligation to be engaged in their child's education and to be involved in the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development and well-being of their child.
  • The needs of the whole child must be addressed, as the ability of children to learn is affected by social, health, and economic conditions and other factors outside the classroom.
  • Early identification of learning and behavioral difficulties and timely and appropriate support and intervention contribute to student success.
  • Students and staff are encouraged and motivated by high expectations and recognition for their accomplishments.
  • School improvement is a dynamic process requiring flexibility and innovation to meet the needs of students in a changing world.