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Intradistrict Transfers

Procedures 2024-2025 School Year

Applications should be emailed to Frances Gonzales at

Application request period

December 31, 2023 to April 1, 2024.

Selection process

  • Applications are processed in accordance with Board policy, beginning with Board priorities.  When applications exceed the number of spaces available, the District implements a random, unbiased selection process to determine approval/denial of applications.  
  • The District maintains a waiting list should the District determine it is able to accommodate additional transfers during the year. 
  • Only applications received by the deadline are entered into the selection process and waiting list.


Parents/guardians are notified by the District as soon as it is determined that an approval or denial of transfer request is made. Some notifications might occur after the start of the new school year because of enrollment patterns and availability. Students must be currently enrolled, attending school and have a verified address on file for consideration.

GUSD desires to provide enrollment options that meet the diverse needs and interests of students and parents/guardians. GUSD will attempt to accommodate all requests for school transfers based on program and classroom space availability, and in accordance with law, Board policy and administrative regulation.

What is
an intradistrict transfer?

Intradistrict transfers: For students who reside inside the GUSD boundaries and request to transfer to another GUSD school that is not their assigned school of attendance.

Interdistrict transfers: Do you live in Gilroy and want to transfer to a school outside of GUSD? You need to request an interdistrict transfernot an intradistrict transfer.