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Envision Academy



Envision Academy is a daily, blended learning, online learning program located on the Gilroy High School campus. Students enrolled in Envision Academy will take 1-3 classes in the Envision Academy classroom, and will complete their remaining classes with Gilroy High School teachers on the main campus. 

Envision Academy provides students a blended learning environment. Students will have the opportunity to participate in both teacher led, small group, and independent learning instruction. Teachers will provide daily classroom lessons and activities to help support and guide students through their online coursework. Students will complete their online coursework through Edmentum; an A-G college approved online learning platform. 

Envision Academy teachers help students with their coursework and mastery of standards based content. The teachers also provide content based lessons, tutoring, community building, and social-emotional support. In addition, Envision Academy teachers work alongside Gilroy High School staff and guardians to help support student success in all of their classes.  

Students are committed to the Envision Academy program for the school year; however, they are welcome to transfer back to Christopher High School or Gilroy High School at the end of the year; or they can select to remain in the hybrid program. There will be a few exceptions depending on the specific needs of the student.

Frequently Asked Questions


Kelly Kreidler, Teacher

Dr. Christopher Davis, Teacher

For questions about the Envision Academy program, contact your middle school counselor:

Ascención Solorsano Middle School
(669) 205-5000
Francisca Garcia
Rosie Ramon

Brownell Middle School 
(669) 205-5100
Kara Armijo
Carlos Trujillo

South Valley Middle School
(669) 205-5200
Lilia Cisneros
Claudia Valencia

The mission of Envision Academy  is to create an environment where students:

  • Experience equitable access to rigorous curriculum through flexible learning groups

  • Become civic-minded contributors to a positive community

  • Use problem-solving and an open-minded attitude to apply skills needed in the workforce

  • Are members in a supportive community that embraces the unique gifts of each individual

  • Empower themselves through self-advocacy