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Distance Learning: Parent Resources


Teachers will provide opportunities for students to engage with one another and explore learning opportunities. Distance learning will not be a minute-to-minute replacement of the school day, but will support skill development and collaboration. 


You do not have to use all of the enrichment resources that are provided. Focus on the assigned materials and explore the extras based on your child's interest and as time allows.

Frequently check the GUSD website and social media platforms for information regarding COVID-19, distance learning resources and school closures. If you have questions about your specific class(es) or school, communicate with your child's teacher(s) or principal.

IMPORTANT: Students in 6th-12th grades are expected to complete work during distance learning to receive credit for classes.

Tips for Success

  • Don't try to recreate a school day at home. No one expects you to and remember that everyone is doing the best they can.
  • Use the teacher's weekly schedule as a guide but make it work for you and your child.
  • Remember: Teachers are learning and adapting to this new learning model, too.  
  • Practice patience and flexibility.
  • Try to establish predictable routines for your child. Set up a space and time for learning.
  • Don't forget play and family time, which also promote natural social and emotional growth.
  • Be forgiving of yourself and your children. 
  • Don't compare yourself or your child to others. Everyone will have a different approach to this. 
  • Let your teacher or principal know if you're struggling or need help with something.  

Technology Help and Guides


Clever gives GUSD students access their connected applications and online learning platforms, by just using their GUSD username and password.


Google Classroom is a free management tool that allows teachers to create classes, distribute assignments, grade work and provide feedback to students, all in one place.


* STUDENT EMAIL ACCOUNTS: It is vital for students to access and regularly check their GUSD email accounts. These accounts are where they will receive communications from teachers and schools. They also need them to access district-approved platforms like Google Classroom and Clever.

If you or your child don't know how to access his or her GUSD email account, email your child's teacher(s).