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Health Services

Who Provides GUSD Health Services?

School District Nurses are registered nurses with a state of California School Nurse Credential. School district nurses are: health experts; educators; case managers; advisors on behavioral strategies and interventions; participants in school site teams that support student wellness; and liaisons between the school, the family and the community. School district nurses focus on prevention, early detection and management of health and behavioral concerns at school sites.

Each school has a health clerk to assist the school nurse with immunization requirements, provide assistance for students who are ill or injured when school nurse is not on site, dispense medication in conjunction with established District Policy.


  • Provide expert guidance on managing chronic health and behavioral concerns

  • Manage acute illnesses and injuries and train school staff regarding best practices of first aid and medication administration

  • Support school sites in the development of disaster, emergency and crisis plans and participate in crisis response intervention

  • Identify and refer students and families to community agencies and serve as a liaison between school sites, families and these agencies

  • Coordinate school-wide health awareness activities and events

  • Provide health education to students, staff and families on topics including substance abuse prevention, violence prevention, asthma, and nutrition

  • Case manage students with health and behavioral issues

  • Follow-up vision and hearing screening referrals ( e.g. obtaining eyeglasses and hearing devices)

  • Facilitate and coordinate educational support groups.  

  • Build and facilitate effective student support structures, including the Student Success Team, and Student Attendance Review Team

  • Precept undergraduate and graduate nursing students

For more information on services provided by School District Nurses, please contact the School District Nurse at your school site or the GUSD Health Office at (669) 205-4023.