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Migrant Education


Migrant Education is a federally funded program authorized through the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 designed to provide supplementary educational and support services to identified migrant students. The GUSD Migrant Education serves students during the summer and regular school year with a current cumulative enrollment of approximately 1,000 students (ages 3 and up to 21 for Out of School Youth) with varied intra-state, inter-sate and bi-national mobility patterns (District Profile).

Migrant Education provides supplemental educational support for Migrant-qualified students as well as health and parent support services through collaborations with district schools, other district programs and community agencies to maximize the potential of migrant students. Working closely with parents, the district designs its own annual plan of services to provide the most effective program possible for students and ensure equitable opportunities and increase graduation rates.  Targeted Preschool, Kinder Transition and Family Literacy services are also offered through Migrant Education Even Start funding.


THE GUSD MIGRANT EDUCATION PROGRAM OFFERS model programs and interventions which have gained regional and state-wide recognition and have been replicated in other districts in Region 1 as follows:

Summer Services:  Kinder Readiness; Algebra Readiness, ELD and Technology Academies; Academic Home Visits; College Field Trips; Transitional Services for Out-of-State Students, Out –of –School-Youth Support and Health Services.

Regular Year Services:  School site-based Preschool and Kinder Readiness; Seasonal Academic Support Teachers; Academic Counseling Health Care Services and Linkages with Community Clinics and Agencies;  Out-of- School-Youth Support  Services (for Here-to-Work and Drop-Out Youth);  Parent Orientations and Leadership training

Parent Involvement and Leadership Development: Leadership development is on-going with the Migrant Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) which elects officers every two years. The PAC advises on all aspects of the Migrant Education program, including budget development and staffing. Parent involvement also includes parent orientations for newcomers, incoming preschool and kinder students, and a Fall parent-student institute for parents of students in the GUSD High Schools. Migrant parents access Family Literacy and Adult ESL through partnerships with Gavilan College and GUSD Adult Education.


Lisa Lorona
Program Administrator
(669) 205-4041

Elvia Almanza
(669) 205-4043

Community Liason
(669) 205-4042