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McKinney Vento students


Lisa Lorona, Specialized Programs Administrator:

Hector Lopez, Liaison, McKinney Vento students and Unaccompanied 

Yesenia Mendez, Liaison, McKinney Vento students and Unaccompanied

Marisa Covarrubias, Administrative Assistant: 

Department telephone: (669) 205-4043

The Gilroy Unified School District strives to provide quality education, opportunities, and services to children and youth facing homelessness. Homeless students have the right to: 

  • Immediate enrollment in school
  • Continued attendance at the school last attended before becoming homeless, or the school of origin
  • Transportation to the school of origin
  • Automatic participation in free breakfast and lunch programs

For families who qualify, the McKinney-Vento program can provide additional support for students who are experiencing barriers. To learn more about federal law specifically protecting the rights of students facing homelessness, and which the District supports under the law, please contact Specialized Programs at (669) 205-4043.