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Gifted and Talented Enrichment, or GATE, in Gilroy Unified School District is based on the belief that every child is entitled to the opportunity to develop his/her full potential through a variety of services based on standard-based instruction, the California State Frameworks and the California State Standards for Gifted and Talented Enrichment.

Screening Schedule 2021-22

Grade Testing Window
New to GUSD 3rd grade students and past referrals* October/ November 2021
19-20 universal 2nd grade
(current 4th grade students)
November/ December 2021
20-21 universal 2nd grade
(current 3rd grade students)
January/ February 2022
21-22 universal 2nd grade
(current 2nd grade students)
March/ April 2022

21-22 4th/ 5th grade students with referral*
(current 4th/ 5th grade students)

*Deadline to submit: January 28, 2022

March/ April 2022

* To submit a referral, a minimum of two years must have elapsed between initial screening and rescreening.  Deadline for current year referrals is January 28, 2022.

Lisa Lorona
Specialized Programs Administrator
(669) 205-4041

Marisa Covarrubias
(669) 205-4043