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Educational Technology

Digital Citizenship

Students use technology in school every day, and we want to empower our students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world.  We have digital citizenship lessons for every grade level K-12 that teachers use from Common Sense Media.

Google Apps for Education FAQs

Google Suite for Education

We use Google Apps for Education,  a crucial aspect of learning during the day.  Many teachers have students using Google Apps to research, write, create presentations, use spreadsheets, and more.  

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Parents/Guardians

Q: How is the GUSD Google account different from a Gmail account?

A: Only those Google services that are applicable to an educational setting are provided in our GUSD Google domain. Some of the tools available in a public Google account will not be available in the GUSD Google domain.

Q:  Will my child's privacy be at risk?

A:  While online spaces can never guarantee 100% privacy, Google Apps for Education are in a "controlled environment" where teachers can see student work.  Mail can be searched school personnel can access electronic communications if it becomes necessary to retrieve student emails. Furthermore, student responsible use of technology is part of teacher and student learning at GUSD and reinforced by teachers working with students using online tools.

In addition, Google Apps for Education is different than Google’s regular products and are ad-free, data is owned by the user, not Google, and is protected under Google’s privacy policy, and extra security features are always being introduced.  You can read more about Google’s security and privacy for Google Apps for Education here: 

Our goal is to provide students with a safe environment for learning and help them to navigate the complex digital environment around them in a safer way.

Q: How do students and staff access GUSD’s Google Apps Domain?

A:  Students will be given this information by school staff.   

Q: Can I email my child at their GUSD Google Account email address?

A: No, their accounts are configured to only send and receive mail from within our domain. 

Q: Can I review my child’s Google documents?

A: Yes. Your child would need to share the documents with you under the “Share” option, or make those documents viewable to “anyone with a link” within that same “Share” option.

Q: Are there consequences if my child misuses his or her Google Account?

A: Yes. Your child’s Student Google Account is a privilege and if abused, its use will be revoked.

Q: Will my child be able to use their GUSD Google Account outside of school?

A: Yes from a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer with a supported browser and access to the Internet.

Q: I do not have the internet at home. What resources are available to my student?

A: The GUSD Google Domain can only be accessed using an internet connection. Your child will not be able to interact with their GUSD Google account in your home unless you have internet access. Public venues such as libraries offer free wireless internet connections that would allow students this access.

Q: What if my child already has a personal Gmail account. Can they use this account instead of the GUSD Gmail account?

A: No. Students will need to use their GUSD Gmail accounts to take full advantage of our GUSD Apps for Education.

Q: How do I opt my student out of this service?

A: If you do not want your student using their GUSD assigned Google Account, you can opt out your student by completing the opt-out form.

Kay Guenther
STEAM Coordinator
(669) 205-4030