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Educational Services

Welcome to Gilroy Unified School District Educational Services.

GUSD's Educational Services department provides meaningful and lasting support for our Early Childhood programs, elementary schools, middle schools, alternative schools and comprehensive high schools. This support takes many forms, and it involves participants from within our district and from outside agencies when appropriate or required.

Educational Services addresses the needs and requirements of schools through the various departments:

  1. After School Programs
  2. Curriculum & Instruction
  3. Early Childhood Programs
  4. Migrant Education
  5. Specialized Programs
  6. Student Assessment and Program Evaluation
  7. Additional Educational Services

Educational Services works tirelessly to serve students and families, teachers and administrators, and the entire community by improving learning conditions, expectations and opportunities for all. Educational Services strives to meet the challenge to move from Good to Great throughout the district office and schools.

This district has been moving from good to great steadily through its API and AYP growth. As the Gilroy Unified School District grows and evolves, Educational Services continues to keep its eyes on the prize: improved student achievement.

Additional Information

Jean Wells-Southland
Director, Curriculum & Instruction (Elementary)

Sonia Flores
Director, Curriculum & Instruction (Secondary)

Kanani Pratt
Educational Services Coordinator

Yvonne Lopez
Senior Staff Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction (Elementary)
(669) 205-4026

Eva Duque
Senior Staff Secretary, Curriculum & Instruction (Secondary)
(669) 205-4029

District Translators

Cesar Gamboa
Catherine Hertel
Marcela Zamora