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RFQ No. 1819-04: Energy Conservation Design-Build Services

Notice is hereby given that the Gilroy Unified District (District) issues this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and invites the submittal of Statements of Qualification from Energy Services Companies (ESCO) that meet the minimum requirements contained herein and can serve the District's needs for Energy Conservation Design-Build Services. It is necessary for Respondents to read the information contained in this RFQ to understand how to submit, what documents must be included and what legal obligations the Respondent is submitting by providing a successful statement of qualification. Any Respondent that wishes to be considered must submit the information requested and, if invited, participate in an interview.

DEADLINE: Proposals must be received by Gilroy Unified School District by noon, March 19, 2019.

RFQ for Energy Conservation Design-Build Services

RFQ No. 1819-04: Questions and Answers

Released March 11, 2019

Q. Is this RFQ just for solar? 
A. No. Please see section V. Scope of Work on page 4. We are asking for a full evaluation of all possible energy conservation measures. 

Q. Will the RFQ be covering all fifteen schools in the District or just one’s that haven’t had energy efficiency improvements done on their campuses?
A. We are asking for a comprehensive look at all fifteen schools in the district. That said, Brownell Middle School and South Valley Middle School are being rebuilt in the next two to five years so those sites will be viewed from a new construction standpoint, as compared to the others which will be needing energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades.

Q. Our company is part of Ingersoll Rand, which is on the New York Stock Exchange. Are we OK to provide you the link to our audited financials, as they are extremely lengthy to print as attachments (about 180 pages per year)?
A. Under Tab 1, please provide links to lengthy financial information along with a sentence or two describing what can be found on the link.

Q. Under submission, you have only listed 1 electronic copy of the proposal to be submitted. Do you want any hard copies in binders with tabs as well? If so, how many would you like?
A. At this time, we are only requesting an electronic copy of the proposal. Respondents who make it to the Interviews may be asked to provide five copies at that time.

Q. Does the proof of insurance/insurance certificate count toward the page count?
A. Yes. If the proof of insurance is too many pages, please provide a statement under the tabbed section and provide a link for the entire insurance document.

Q. Do the audited financials count toward the page count?
A. Yes. If the audited financials are too many pages, please provide a statement under the tabbed section and provide a link for the entire financial document.

Q. Do the sample Energy Savings Guarantee Documents count toward the page count?
A. Yes. If the Energy Savings Guarantee Document is too many pages, please provide a statement under the tabbed section and provide a link for the entire Energy Savings Guarantee Document.

Q. Can you please elaborate on why you want an Option C guarantee for the program? In our experience with K-12 school sites, the added cost of Option C is normally best applied when multiple complex measures might impact each other at a single site that comprises a large portion of the overall savings.
A. Option C was selected because of the nature of the project being holistically "facility-wide". It is known that this option may yield results not as accurate as other options. If the contractor believes that there is a better method for the measurement and verification process, then it should be stated which option they would choose, its methodology in completing this option, and why it would be a better solution than Option C. It should also reference prior projects the firm has completed using this option instead of an Option C guarantee.

Q. Is the project in question designed to be funded solely by energy savings, or will there be capital funds added as well?
A. We do not currently have capital funds for these projects.