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Gilroy Unified School District is proud to partner with Gilroy Foundation in support of Gilroy schools. The District is supportive of the Foundation’s positive and amazing efforts that have awarded $16.3 Million since 1980 to the Gilroy community in supporting the Arts, Education, Health, Civic, Recreational, Technology and Cultural needs. The District has collaborated with the Foundation in an effort to share valuable information about how they benefit Gilroy’s community.

*Through Grants: When the GUSD Education Foundation was no longer a viable project of the District, it was folded into Gilroy Foundation and its proceeds were used to open the GUSD Education Fund. The Fund is used by the Foundation’s Competitive Grants Program to award funding to GUSD Programs only. In addition, other grants are awarded to GUSD programs from various Foundation Field of Interest and Unrestricted Funds. GUSD employees are given an opportunity to help grow the GUSD Education Fund through the District’s Payroll Deduction program.

*Through Scholarships: Gilroy Foundation currently offers 95 scholarships. Of those, 86  are awarded to GUSD high school graduates, totaling $503,500 in 2021.  Gilroy Foundation scholarships represent 90% of awarded scholarships each year.

*Through Community Programs: Gilroy Foundation was the financial vehicle for the building of the Christopher High School Don Christopher Sports Complex. It accepted all donations from the Christopher family and other community donors, worked with the GUSD Facilities team on the design and building of the project, and paid all bills associated with the Complex.

*Through Nonprofit Investment Partnerships: Gilroy Foundation offers investment services to its nonprofit investment partners. GUSD is one of them. The District has funds that have been given over the years for scholarships. The GUSD Scholarship Fund at the Foundation has continued to grow from the investment strategies, while still only using 5% of the total Fund to cover the District’s annual scholarships.

The grant application process begins in October for grants and in January for scholarships. Information may be found at

The Foundation has graciously awarded grants and scholarships over the years that have benefited students, staff and programs. Even though $16.3 Million has been awarded in grants and scholarships in our community, many more deserving funding requests on behalf of GUSD staff and students are denied because of limited funding. The Foundation continues to secure additional funding to meet the demands of the community.

Since 1980, GUSD has received $2,403,247 in grant funding.

Award Recipients

Gilroy Foundation: Making a Difference

yesenia gonzalez mejia

Yesenia Gonzalez Mejia

Recipient of the 2008 Gilroy Foundation Julio Mata Family Scholarship Award

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