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Anisha Munshi, Board Vice President



Anisha Munshi began her immersion in the Gilroy community and School District twenty-two years ago. She moved to Gilroy with her husband and four-year old daughter, in search for a caring community that they could call home and one that would provide a well-rounded education for their children. She had a background in computer programming, but made a choice to stay home to raise their two daughters. Her initial connection with Gilroy schools began as a parent

volunteer at her daughters’ pre-schools, followed by volunteering as a School Site Council parent member and helping with small groups during the reading intervention block. Anisha’s passion for providing a nurturing and caring learning environment for students transformed into a career-changing decision, and she went back to school to earn a teaching credential and Masters degree in Education. She taught at a local elementary school for several years prior to earning an administrative credential. Anisha worked as a middle school assistant principal for three years, and principal for five years. Currently, Anisha works for the Santa Clara County of Education where she remains driven to providing positive and caring learning environments for students.

Anisha continues her quest to learn more about educational systems and opportunities to improve them. She earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in May 2018, and looks forward to using the learning to create an equitable and rigorous learning environment for all students. Anisha believes strongly in the transformative power of education, since she saw its impact first-hand on the lives of hundreds of students that she came in contact with, first as a teacher and later as a school site administrator.

With her experience as an educator for sixteen years, parent of two children that attended Gilroy schools, and an involved community member, Anisha has a deep understanding of the needs of local schools. In addition, she also has a thorough understanding of the challenges that are faced by districts, that include providing a learning environment that allows all students to succeed; hiring and retention of highly-qualified staff; aging facilities; and balancing a budget that is driven by State and Federal funding. As a board trustee, Anisha looks forward to contributing her knowledge of the educational system and her understanding of the unique needs of our local schools to make policy decisions that benefit the students and staff of Gilroy Unified School District.

Contact Anisha Munshi
Phone (669) 205-4091