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Board of Education

2022 Board of Trustee Area Adjustments  

GUSD Board members, or trustees, are elected by trustee area, where voters cast their ballots for the Board seat in their area. 

The proposed Trustee Area adjustments use the Census 2020 population count, and if approved by the Governing Board on January 27, 2022, would comply with the California Voting Rights Act.  The Board will be asked to take action on the adjustments on the Board meeting of January 27, 2022.

View the proposed boundary changes online. This link will show the new districting map:


To view a specific address, please log-in with the following credentials:

  • username: dp_guest
  • password: ddpgis*1

Selecting the "Areas of Change" box from the right hand drop-down menu will show the boundary adjustments to Trustee Area 1, 6, and 4 as shown below:

Areas of change district map