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Trustee Enrique Diaz



Enrique Diaz is originally from Mexico, and was raised in California’s Central Valley.  He was brought up through the California public education system in a small town in California’s Central Valley and it doesn’t escape him that America’s public education is one, if not the, greatest institutions in our Country. 

After graduating from Tranquility High School he went on to pursue a Computer Engineering degree from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.  (He also met his future life-long partner, friend, and wife there!)  Computer Engineering was a budding new major comprised of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering; software and hardware, respectively. 

During his Cal Poly tenure, he was selected for three co-ops (internships) with Hewlett Packard at the Vancouver, Washington division, working on inkjet printers and Apple Macintosh drivers. After graduating from SLO, Enrique decided he wanted to grow as a professional in California and was hired by Apple Computer (eventually, Apple Inc.)  He was there from the company’s 25th anniversary, when it employed 6,000 employees to the current 130,000+.   He worked a total of 23 years in the amazing and competitive R&D department!  His accomplishments include: working on pivotal technology and networking on the original bondi blue iMac, the “cube,”  the clamshell iBook and eventually Wi-Fi AirPort family of products, and finally on recent iPads, MacBook Pro’s, MacBook Airs, and iMacs.   

He recognizes that none of these experiences would be possible without a firm and great appreciation of education. 

He lived up the American statistic of raising 2.5 kids-- the .5 being his nephew who lived with the family during his high school days).   His wife is a high school educator of 23 years, his nephew was in the inaugural four-year class at CHS (class of 2013), his son (CHS class of 2017) is in his 2nd year of university, and his daughter will graduate from Christopher High School in 2021.

Enrique has served as treasurer for Las Animas Home & School Club, a CHS SPAC rep, South Valley Middle School (SVMS) Site Council, on the SVMS Principal hiring committee, has hosted/bbq’d many CHS HS events, coaches basketball, is Robotics instructor (using Lego Mindstorms), and has chaperoned field/athletic trips.   He enjoys volleyball, hiking, cycling, photography, gardening, technology, cooking, basketball, and hasn’t found a topic he is not interested in. 

His goal is to provide any assistance and direction to enable the amazing students, staff and educators in our District to self-actualize as students and professionals, and for students to be valuable contributors to society all the while being lifelong learners.

Trustee Diaz represents Trustee Area 1.

Contact Enrique Diaz
Phone (669) 205-4091